Quality Automotive offers a number of services to customers, ranging from oil changes to engine repair. We offer competitive rates on all services and can supply OEM or aftermarket parts for most jobs.

The list below describes some of the services we offer, as well as some recommended maintenance tips for keeping your vehicles in top shape. Click on a service to learn more about it.

If you’re unsure whether or not we offer a service or can help you out, please reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help.  

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  • Battery Service & Replacement

    Battery service should be performed regularly to ensure optimal contact between battery posts and terminals. Service includes cleaning all corrosion between contact points and applying a layer of protective coating to battery terminals.

    It is recommended to service batteries at least once a year, preferably before the winter months when issues occur most frequently. We can also replace batteries if we notice a problem during service, or if you’ve had battery issues previously.

  • Brake Service & Replacement

    Brake service should be performed once a year or every 20,000km — whichever comes first.

    During a brake service, brake pads and rotors are disassembled and cleaned, and all brake sliders, pins, pads, and shims are cleaned and lubricated.

    All components are reassembled and torqued to specifications.

    Brake service starting at $119.95 for front or rear brakes


    Brake replacement should be performed whenever required.

    Most manufacturers recommend replacement of brake pads at 2-3mm thickness, and replacement or machining of brake rotors if they are pulsating.

    OEM parts or OEM-equivelant parts should be installed for better results. Some aftermarket parts may be noisy on first application or until the break-in period is over.

    Brake replacement starting at $164.95 for front or rear brakes


  • Engine Maintenance & Repair

    Proper engine maintenance is critical for ensuring the long lasting life of a vehicle.
    Quality automotive offers maintenance on a number of engine components including spark plugs, air filters, o-ring seals, valve cover gaskets, and more.

    Engine problems can usually be identified first by the check engine light, or also by any knocking, ticking or winding noises coming from the engine.

    If your vehicle has any of these issues, or you think your engine hasn’t been looked at in a while and could use some maintenance, bring your vehicle by for an inspection.

    Check engine light inspections starting at $119.95

  • Exhaust Repair & Replacement

    Exhaust repairs are performed using either OEM or aftermarket parts.

    We will try to save you money and use less costly aftermarket parts, but can use OEM parts at your request.

    Exhaust issues can generally be identified when your vehicle is making more noise than normal. Rattling noises can mean the exhaust hangars are loose or broken, while engine noises or exhaust odours can indicate a leak.

    If you’re think you have an exhaust problem or it has been a while since it was last checked,
    bring your vehicle in and we’ll make sure everything is okay.

    Holes and leaks in the exhaust can be repaired through cutting and welding, and mounting points can be rewelded.

  • Heating & Cooling Systems

    Heating and cooling systems should be checked at least twice a year.

    Coolant should be checked in the fall season to verify the freezing temperature, and replaced accordingly to prevent freezing in the winter months.

    It should also be checked in the spring season to verify boiling temperature before the summer months.
    Proper heating and cooling system maintenance is important to avoid more serious problems.

    If left unchecked the coolant could freeze in the winter and cause damage to engine components, such as cylinder heads, coolant hoses, and the engine block.

  • Oil Changes

    Oil changes should be performed on a regular basis, which depends on the type of oil used — either conventional or synthetic oil. Changing oil prolongs engine life and lowers the chance of sludge buildup inside the engine’s internal components.


    Synthetic Oil

    • $84.95
    • OEM oil filter; Up to 5 litres
    • Should be serviced every 8000km


    EURO Oil

    • $154.95
  • Suspension Maintenance & Repair

    Suspension systems contain a broad array of parts which could require maintenance or repair. These parts include springs, shocks, struts, shock mounts, tie rod ends, control arms, bushings, ball joints, and more.

    Suspension problems can generally be identified by unfamiliar noises that occur when driving. If you hear any knocking, creaking, or rattling from your vehicle when riding over bumps or turning corners, it might be time to get your suspension checked.

    Bring your vehicle in if you think you might have an issue, and we’ll do a thorough inspection and identify any potential issues.

    Our suspension inspections start at $49.95, contact us for more details

    We also recommend a wheel alignment accompanying any suspension repairs as they can become misaligned after time.

    This will help ensure that everything is functioning properly and mitigate future issues or damage, and save tires from uneven wear.

  • Wheel Alignments

    Wheel alignments should be performed around once a year or after 20,000km.

    We also recommend alignments any time after you replace your tires, or after any suspension repairs, to avoid uneven tire wear.

    The most noticeable sign that your vehicle might need a wheel alignment is if it tends to pull to one side on its own.

    If the steering wheel has a tendency to shimmy to one side when kept straight, or is off-center, it might be time for an alignment.

    Our alignment services have been temporarily suspended. We hope to perform these again in the near future.

  • Winter & Summer Tire Changes

    Tires are installed and balanced using the newest equipment. Our wheel balancer is calibrated daily to ensure all tires are balanced to specifications.

    Rotating tires periodically is recommended to prolong the life of tires and to prevent feather edging and cupping on tires. We can do that free of charge when you come in for a seasonal changeover.


    On Rims

    • $49.95
    • Should be balanced once a season before installation (additional $39.95)
    • Rotate every 8000km

    Off Rims

    • $99.95
    • We install up to 28″ rims (on low profile tires)